How To Ensure Safe and Quick Online Credit Card Payment

Gone are the days when we would have to travel all the way to malls or shops to get something we needed. Fortunately, everything is now available at the other end of the screen. You just need to select and pay!

But when it comes to clearing the bills, online payments have raised more than just one concern. Especially when it is about online credit card payment, many shoppers hesitate in providing credentials because they are not sure how safe the method is.

If you are running a business that largely relies on online credit card payment, you need to select a method that can win the trust of the buyers. Remember, annually 5% of the revenues are lost by different businesses due to online frauds.

There are 3 ways in which you can ensure that payments via credit card are processed safely. Let’s have a look!

A Combination of Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

A merchant account is a bank account that is typically meant for credit card payments. In addition to that, a payment gateway is an online portal that connects a merchant account to your store.

A combination of these two services offers one of the safest ways to complete an online transaction. You can exercise strict security rules and customization that you need for a large business such as yours.

Best Credit Cards for Easy & Safe Online Payments:

Here is the List of Best Credit Cards For making easy & safe payments.

Capital One Credit Card:

Get my offer Capital One works the same way; they check whether you meet the minimum pre-qualification requirements. Capital One credit cards one is one of the safest payment Gateway as well.

Merrrick Bank Credit Card Offer:

Double your line Credit Credit & MasterCard is officially issued by the Merrick Bank from the United States. It offers a really safe payment option & trusted by the US residents.

First Premier Platinum Offer:

The First Premier’s Platinum offer is something you have to take. There are a lot of great benefits to cheer using First Premier’s Platinum credit card including easy payment.

All-in-one Solutions Such As PayPal

We all have heard of payment portals such as Paypal and 2Checkout. These combine the services explained above to make the payment process quick and easy.

Another advantage they have overusing a merchant account is that they do not involve setup fee or monthly charges. Customers used to hate the hassle-filled checkout involved in this case but now Paypal service has been integrated with One-Touch technology to let you control how the checkout experience would be.

Simplified Credit Card Payment

If you want to throw all complexity out of the window, then services like Stripe are going to be the best solution for you.

They are very similar to the ones mentioned above but they work in correspondence with the store’s checkout so a customer would not leave your site due to the difficulty in payments.

Simplified payments do not rely on merchant accounts or payment gateways. They also don’t present any setup charges. The customer simply needs to enter the credit card and clear the bill. Literally!

When, Why and Who to Sell Silver to

When it comes to investing in silver, many people get confused about what pure silver is and what sterling silver is. Sterling silver is quite common. It is the silver that is used to make tableware, ornaments, and jewelry. Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Silver bullion on the other hand is made up of 99.9% silver. The reason why sterling silver is popular is that pure silver is soft and gets easily damaged, sterling silver is alloyed with copper to make it harder and more durable. Sterling silver is more practical. Pure silver or fine silver is used mainly to make investment-grade silver bullion.

People have been investing in silver for years. Of all the precious metals silver is the cheapest and easiest metal to invest in. However, when you invest in silver bullion, it is important to know where to sell it and when.

There are several ways to offload silver bullion when you need to. You can sell it to gold dealers, coin shops, pawnshops, and private refineries.

Investing in Siver

You can sell silver bullion to Precious metal dealers who have attractive buy-back rates This means that they are happy for you to sell silver bullion back to them as they sold it to you in the first place. This doesn’t mean they won’t buy silver bullion that you bought elsewhere, but a buy-back policy makes things easier.

People sell directly to refineries in an effort to “skip” the middleman. Refineries deal with bulk purchases and they tend to prefer silver bullion.  Skipping the middleman might sound like the smart thing to do, but they don’t give you a lot of wiggle room to negotiate a better price. They also tend to buy silver at prices that are way below spot.

When should you sell silver bullion?

To make a profit from your silver investment, you need to know what is happening in the market and to track the price. Silver is very volatile so; you want to sell as soon as the prices go up because things could change in a matter of hours. Silver is very liquid which means that you can get cash quickly by selling it when you need to. When is the best time to sell silver? Whenever you need cash.

It doesn’t have to be for emergencies. You could cash in your silver investment to pay for a long-overdue vacation.

You could sell your silver bullion if you feel that you can no longer store your silver securely. Maybe there’s something that makes you feel unsettled and you want to reduce the risk. It’s better to sell and get cash for your silver than have it stolen.

You may be planning your Estate and need to set your precious metal holdings to a specific amount.

There are a plethora of reasons for why you would want to sell silver, you still would want to sell your silver when the price has gone up. Keep your eyes on the spot price. It surges in a short time or drops without warning.